Babel Tower: museum people in dialogue – Oscar Navajas Corral

Babel Tower: museum people in dialogue “L’écomuséè singulier et pluriel”

This Friday: 19.02.2021, 9:00 – 11:00 CET.

Our partner Oscar Navajas Corral will be present “The Museology dessous dessus in Spain. Community, territory and utopia” on “Babel Tower: Museum people in dialogue”.  He’ll share the panel with Edouard Nzoyihera, who he will talk about “The political and social functions of community museums in Kenya”.

The series of webinars are organized by Muséologie – Université de Liège, from February to April 2021.

EcoHeritage will also be represented in the seminars by Judite Primo, Mario Moutinho and Raul Dal Santo.

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You can have more details following the event.

The sessions will be held in English or French on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings (Brussels time).

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