EcoHeritage at Onda Cero

Our Spanish partner, from the University of Alcalá, Óscar Navajas, was talking about the EcoHeritage Project on radio station, Onda Cero.
Check out the conversation here.

Manuel Patiño and Marisol Miguel, members of the Asociación de Vecinos del Barrio Centro de Alcalá de Henares, bring us their reflection on the accumulation of terraces in the streets and plazas of the historic center. Together with David Cobo, candidate for the highest ranking by IU Alcalá, we reviewed some city issues that make up some of the basic lines of the program of this political formation for the next elections. In “Alcalá es Universidad” we speak today of the ecomuseos with the researcher of the University of Alcalá Óscar Navajas. The Association of Writers of Madrid organizes in the complutense city some literary tables on the occasion of the Book Day. Luis Compés and Val Marchante, president and vocal of events -respectively- of the entity, tell us what they have prepared for this Sunday and Fernando Barbero proposes us to visit Patones and the Cancho de la Cabeza in the space “En Ruta”.

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