Multiplier Event – Spain

On April 17, one of the national multiplier events of our project took place at the Universidad de Alcalá.

We thank our Spanish partners for this excellent initiative! ✨

30 people were gathered, including students, doctoral students, postdocs and members of the CEIP of the University of Jaén. The majority of ecomuseos signed up to watch online.
Víctor Gómez Morillas (Técnico Cultura de Ayuntamiento de Loeches) and Blanca Acebedo Benito (Concejala de Ayuntamiento del Berrueco) also came from the local councils.

Italy, Poland and Portugal are the next ones.

Follow what is going to happen in your country, join us! 🤗

We are also waiting for you at European Ecomuseums Online Network

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