#TPM4 Transnational Project Meeting – Poland

Happy to gather EcoHeritage’s team in Poland!

🗓️ 13th and 14th September 2022

📍 Poland

The first day of meeting with EcoHeritage’s team been vera well received by Ewa Jaworska-Mazur, director of Zamek Dunajec w Niedzicy.

“Review of IO3: Participatory heritage management toolkit Presentation of the testing feedback from Rural Communities” was presented by all the partners.

Amazing night visit in the Zamek Dunajec w Niedzicy guided by Jacek 🏰✨

First stage of a unique day! Ekomuzeum “Dziedziny Dunajca” – Bacówka na Polanie Sosny w Niedzicy Dziękuję Josef and family 🧀❤️

Continuing our day at Ekomuzeum “Dziedziny Dunajca” – Warsztaty ,,Spisko Skrzynia na Skarby”

Very kindly time at Ekomuzeum “Dziedziny Dunajca” – Izba Regionalna w Sromowcach Wyznych guided by Kgw Sromowce Wyzne ☕️🪡🧵

Closing this amazing day at Ekomuzeum “Dziedziny Dunajca” – Markowa Zagroda 🐟🎣

Audiovisual editing – Francisco Lino
Images – Nathália Pamio Luiz
This videos were produced within the scope of the EcoHeritage Project, with an educational function and dissemination of the activity. All rights reserved. It cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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